The Brodie Consulting Team

Currently the Brodie Consulting Team consists of the the Principal Consultant James Brodie. As and when we enlarge our team, you will have the pleasure of looking at their mugshots as well!

James Brodie Principal Consultant

Happy father, Avid Gamer, Part time Angry Wookiee

James has extensive testing, infrastructure, project management and service delivery experience. This has included delivering services, strategies and technical solutions across the Retail,Financial Services and Media Sectors. This has included the building of testing infrastructures, testing best practise and consultancy as well as service delivery both in the role as major stakeholder and relationship owner. This has developed his ability to constantly deliver results across a number of varied environments, as well as making him an effective strategist and communicator with all types of stakeholders. This means he has a wealth of differing experiences he can call upon to meet some the most interesting of challenges. He has presented at Eurostar as well as written white papers on the subject of vendor management.

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