Hello and welcome to My Blog.

Hello and welcome to my new blog. There have been plenty of changes over the years as I have matured as part of the process. I have worked in a number of different sectors and I have learnt a a great deal working alongside some fantastic people.

I have decided to try and share some of what I have learnt, so if you are new to testing or and old hand, I hope you will get an insight from posts below. I have decided to categorise them so hopefully it will make searching through them easier. I always look forward to feedback and I hope to hear back from you soon.




  • UAT Planning

    One of the tasks I am often asked to look at  how can I introduce UAT (User Acceptance Testing)  to the business. Now UAT may seem like common sense but one of the traditional brick walls I have hit is that the business have resisted the request to release business resource or users. So how […]

  • Birth of a project

    I have seen a number of items about test plans and planning and plenty of documents about theory, however what I don’t see a lot of is real life practical applications. So what I am going to do over the next few weeks is to keep a blog about the trials and tribulations of real […]